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Uefa Champions League Live Streaming TV Free Online

Uefa Champions League Live Streaming TV Free Online - European Champions League is one among the various kinds of competition outside the local leagues of European countries. But this competition is also a proving ground for champions league that they are not just a champion. Already there are a lot of big name clubs who consistently present in this league. Call it Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, ​​and much more.

The competition began in 1955 on the idea of ​​one French journalist, who proposed the existence of competition between the clubs at the continental level. Since its inception, this competition was named European Champion Club Cup, and Real Madrid won the competition in prime season. By inviting only the league champions and use knockout competition system, the European Champion Club Cup last up nearly four decades.

But in 1992, carried out an overhaul on the format of the game and also change its name to the European Champions League. Added a round robin system or group of systems and standings make the competition an opportunity for more clubs to participate. Four major European leagues based systems UEFA reserves the right to send four representatives to participate in this competition. And for the coming season, each country can send five clubs as a representative.

Especially for the big leagues, the league champions and runners-up can easily swing into the group phase, and joined in the top 22.

While the club only managed to get in the top four, they still have to pass through the playoffs and compete with various other teams from across Europe who want the opportunity to compete in the group phase.

Winner of the competition in the previous season also automatically qualify for the group phase, regardless of what position they are at the end of the domestic league standings. But, this means that the club managed to finish in 4th place final standings should be willing to give a place for the Champions League last season, and had to settle for playing in the Europa League. This case first occurs when Liverpool won the competition in 2005, but failed to get into the top four in the next year.

And this happened back when Chelsea won the Champions League 2011-2012 season but only managed to finish seventh in the final standings Premiere League. Tottenham Hotspur when it was in the fourth position must give up his chance to compete at the highest caste competition between European clubs and have to compete in the Europa League.

In addition to the prestige, there are many reasons why the whole club in all European countries wanted the chance to compete in this league. The opportunity to try out self-efficacy, demonstrate the ability of the team as a whole, to the experience of playing with giants could be a reason for them. But, the amount of bonuses given by UEFA to clubs that won a certain phase also become a reason of its own.

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